Environment Analysis
Temperature of Venus Pressure of Venus G-Load of landing on Venus (n=L/W) Radiation on Venus Chemistry of Venus Wind-Speed of Venus
460 C 90 atm or 1410 psi n=282 psi 1.74 μm Sulfur, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen 10 mph on surface

Payload SpecificsEdit

Payload Specifics
How does the Payload Take Measurements How does the Payload Collect Data What provides the Payload Power? How does the Payload send data? What houses the Payload? How Does the Payload Deploy from the UAH Spacecraft?
Moisture Sensor, Thermometer, and Thermal Camera Moisture Sensor, Thermometer, and Thermal Camera Alternator and Recharging unit Antenna The Lander It drives out the side or hovers out the top

Payload FunctionEdit

  • Each row is an alternative design.
Payload Functions
Alternatives Deploy Measure Collect Send Power House
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