UAH is enginneering a spacecraft for the transportation of our payload for it to achieve a scientific objective. We have decided that our payload will analyze the geology of Venus by taking temperature and moisture readings as well as soil analysis. Payload will have to survive lightning, acid, blistering winds and possibly lava or magma. Payload will have to be about the size of a box of printer paper. Payload will have to not exceed size or weight requirements. We will need to create a Payload Status Report, Payload Concept Analysis, Poster, and Power Point Presentation.

We will need our Design Team working on visual concepts of our design and working with the Chief Engineers to make this payload a reality on Solid Edge. Design Team Members and Chief Engineers must have awareness of all concept requirements, objectives, and goals. Community Engagement Activity Leads and Project Managers will be responsible for working together to create the Power Point Presentation and Poster. All teams must work together to form the Payload Status Review and Payload Concept Analysis, this is not something any group could work on individually because it will take the knowledge we all have to create the best papers possible.

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