The poster Is going to be 30 in by 42 in landscape.

It needs:

  • Team Name
  • Team Logo
  • High School Name/Logo
  • Payload Science Objective
  • Figure of the Proposed Payload
  • Number of CEA Visitors and a histogram of the age demographics of those visitors
  • CEA(s) Description
  • CEA(s) Pictures
  • The UAHuntsville Logo

This poster will be due on April 25, 2014

Team Name PyroKnights
Team Logo
IMG 0142-1-
School Name/Logo Sparkman High School
Payload Science Objective

Discuss your science objective here. Provide a rationale as to why this science objective is important.

The Lancer Lander will be conducting soil analysis tests in order to determine whether or not the soil has the proper temperature and moisture to support life.

Lancer will also take thermal and high quality photographs of Venus's surface.

Figure of Proposed Payload
Number of CEA Visitors and a Histogram of the age demographics of those Visitors 77. 14-18
CEA(s) Description Members include: Caleb Christensen, Nick Benson, Hashon Bellmon, and Hanna Telgenhof

A CEA is an event that is devolved, with the guidance of the teacher, on your own terms and time with involvement from the local community. CEAs must have visitors. It relates to the Venus mission and/or your payload concept.You can have multiple CEAs during the semester; however, each CEA must be AT LEAST 30 minutes in length. At the conclusion of each CEA you must distribute and collect the completed CEA Visitor Surveys for verification of your attendance. You need to dress for the occasion of the CEA event. the event will be on March 20, 2014 at 7pm.

CEA(s) Pictures
20140320 121706
20140320 121729
UAHuntsville Logo
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