• Jetblackrlsh

    Be Ready

    March 12, 2014 by Jetblackrlsh
    • We will rise above the competition!
    • Team Meeting coming soon to show how we will have to step up our game in the coming weeks.
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  • Cray Z Gingy

    For who may need it?

    February 19, 2014 by Cray Z Gingy

    For those who may need it. Help?

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  • Roper777

    Do we need this photo?

    February 10, 2014 by Roper777


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  • Jetblackrlsh

    Due Dates

    February 10, 2014 by Jetblackrlsh

    Assignment Date to upload Date Due
    Payload Concept Review 4/14/14 4/16/14
    Payload Concept Proposal 4/18/14 4/22/14
    CEA Poster 4/23/14 4/25/14
    Upload Datafiles for CEA Data 4/30/14 5/2/14
    Upload Final Review Presentation 4/30/14 5/2/14
    The Actual Final Review to Nasa We should be ready with already printed materials (10 Copies) by 5/2/14 5/6/14
    CEA Review Table Presentation We should be ready with all CEA Materials, nothing should require to be plugged into an outlet by 5/2/14 5/6/14

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  • Artic heat

    ConOps Checklist

    IMPORTANT:  With all questions, be able to answer:  Why?

    Initial Conditions

    1.      What vehicle are you on?  Lander, because all of our information collecting will be on the ground with soil analysis.

    2.      What are the initial conditions? 462 degrees Celsius and 90 atmospheres

    a.       If on the orbiter, what is your orbital velocity?  Do you deorbit?  N/A

    b.      If on the balloon, is the balloon moving? N/A

    c.       If on the lander, do you deploy during descent or after landing?  If during descent, what is your initial velocity? We will deploy after landing to reduce the impact.


    1.      How do you deploy?  Describe. We deploy out of the robot by hovering to the surface.

    a.       What do you use to propel you? We will use …

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  • Jetblackrlsh

    Prototype Ideas

    January 23, 2014 by Jetblackrlsh
    • Mole Finder
    • It would act as a subsurface explorer that would take moisture and temperature readings to determine if liquid ground water was under the surface of Venus and if life could exist under Venus's surface.
    • It would have two cameras, one normal, and one thermal for filming underground.

    Science Traceability Matrix (Draft)
    Science Objective Measurement Objective Measurement Requirements (Location, Duration, Position, etc) Instrument
    Soil Analysis Soil Temperature Near Equator/

    1 1/2 minutes

    Soil Analysis Terrain Mapping Near Equator

    One Week

    Thermal Camera
    Soil Analysis Soil Moisture Near Equator

    30 seconds

    Moisture Sensor
    Soil Analysis

    Soil Images

    Near Equator

    1 minute

    Soil Analysis Picture clarity

    Near Equator

    One Week

    Heat Resistant…

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  • Jetblackrlsh
    • What is the range of satellite signals to and from the payload?
    • How do we order materials?
    • How do we uplink to the NASA satellite system?
    • What type of heat resistant camera should we use?
    • What is our communication range?
    • When will we be able to upload, the Uploads page currently does not show "Sparkman" as a school selection?
    • Do we have a limit on the amount of power our payload can use, what are general notes about power usage for the payload on and off the UAH spacecraft?
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